Integrative Coach Training

Reinvent the way you process emotions.
Master the PUNCH-LINE Approach.
Help your clients lead amazing lives.

If you’re looking for a way to help your clients achieve lasting change quicker than ever before, Integrative Coach Training is what you’re looking for.

This training is where you can learn the core philosophies and methodologies of the exact work I do with my clients.

  • How I guide them through the emotional blocks they’re facing.
  • How I help them recognize their patterns and overcome them.
  • How I support them in processing old traumas from childhood.
  • How I aid them in integrating mind, body, and soul so they can live their true purpose.

You’ll walk away from this training with a new understanding and respect for how humans think, feel, and process their life. As well as the tools you need to guide your clients in finding clarity, confidence, and the work they’re meant to do in the world.

what you'll learn

How to ground yourself in mindset.

How to process emotions quickly and cleanly.

How to use The PUNCH-LINE Approach on yourself and others.

This training is for you, if:
  • You feel like there's something missing from your mindset work.
  • You want to take your coaching deeper.
  • You're committed to your growth so you can help your clients more effectively.
This training is NOT for you, if:
  • You don't want to deal with messy emotions.
  • You don't have time to commit to this work every week for the next 6 months.

the modules


You need a solid foundation in mindset work before you can dive into emotional processing. I’ll walk you through how to recognize thoughts as they float through your mind, how to acknowledge and investigate them without judgement, and how to discover the emotional blocks they represent so we can work on them in the emotional processing stage.

Emotional Processing

Most of us turn away from emotions when they come up out of habit, but that doesn’t help you process them. In this stage of the training, you’ll get familiar with your emotions and learn to welcome their presence. You’ll feel your feelings in a way you never have before, and you’ll work your way through each one completely so you can face challenges head on without emotional turmoil.

The PUNCH-LINE Approach

I’ll walk you through each individual stage of my signature process: The PUNCH-LINE Approach. You’ll master the stages of Presence, Unveiling, Navigating, Creating, and How in order the create the results you want in your life. Then you’ll discover the beauty of your Legacy, Integration, Natural Essence, and Ease and Flow.

what's included

The Coach’s Portal is your guidebook to living a more fulfilled life. You and your clients will benefit from the processes you learn here.

The program is a self-study, meaning you can take it at your own pace. But don’t worry, you’ll still receive a ton of support throughout.

We’ll do weekly live group calls where you can get answers and coaching on whichever stage of the process you’re working on.

You’ll have assessments after every stage to make sure you’re mastering the core concepts.

And when you reach The PUNCH-LINE Approach portion of the program, you’ll be set up with a peer coach so you can practice the entire process together.

Additionally, there are real examples of me coaching clients so you can observe each part of the process in action. That means you’ll know exactly how the process works when using it with your clients.

plus, bonuses

Entrepreneur Training

When you sign up, you get a bonus 6-week mini-course to teach you the basics of how to build your business. This training will help you reach those perfect clients you dream of working with.

So, are you ready to take your coaching to the next level?

Now accepting applications.